Wentworth Shooting Sports Club
Also known as WSSC this club was conceived on August 6th. 1937, and was then called the Hamilton Revolver Club. In 1956 the club moved to it's present location, 1500 Stonechurch Road, East in Hamilton, south of Hwy 53 between Upper Ottawa Street and Pritchard Road, then, in 1957 the name of the club was changed to Wentworth Shooting Sports Club. The clubs' claim to fame (and rightly so) was Olympic medalist Linda Thom who won a Gold Medal at the 1984 Olympics.

The WSSC has been around since 1937 and introduced practical shooting to the club in 1993. Since then, the club has hosted some very successful and exciting IPSC matches.

Club phone number is (905) 385-5416 or visit our Website at http://www.wssclub.com/

The Wentworth Club IPSC Rep is David Huta.

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