IPSC Ontario
IPSC Ontario "Future" Program
The IPSC Ontario "Future" Program was developed in hopes that it might provide an easier way for young people to become involved in practical shooting.

We believe there's a lot of young people who have had some handgun experience at club level that would enjoy this fast-paced exciting sport.
Here's Marissa, and Justin Evers with their sponsor/dad John Evers. Marissa and Justin are two young people who joined IPSC through our "Future" program.
Many of our members aren't aware that their daughter or son may be eligible to participate in our Black Badge Training Program and we'd simply like to make sure everyone knows that it is in fact possible for them to do so.

Anyone under the age of eighteen (with written permission from a parent or guardian), may participate in our Black Badge Training Program at no charge. That's right, absolutely no charge, and no membership dues are required until the year in which the junior becomes twenty one years of age. All that is required is that the candidate be sponsored by an IPSC Ontario member in good standing. This "sponsor", or mentor will be responsible for the junior at all IPSC related events.

The board of directors felt that this would be be a positive way in which to promote practical shooting, and also a great opportunity to teach young people about handgun safety.

Are there any special requirements with regards to the "Future" Program?

Yes there are. Before taking part in the IPSC Ontario "Future" Program the candidate must have successfully completed a club level CSSA (previously OHA) safety course conducted by a CSSA certified instructor. Also, the candidate must be a member of CSSA, either as an individual, or under a family membership. Finally, any candidate for the IPSC Ontario "Future" Training Program must be able to control the firearm with the weak hand.

Are there young people already competing in practical shooting?

Absolutely, quite a few young people I know have turned out to be excellent competitors. Not only have they proven that they can compete with the best, but they have demonstrated that they fully understand the safety aspect of our sport.

Some of you may know our young friend Jarrold Villapando, an IPSC Ontario member who has become a well know figure at International Practical Shooting matches in Canada and the USA. Jarrold was just fourteen years old when he took his Black Badge course, and already has an impressive number of match wins to his credit.

Another young man, who was just eleven when he took his Black Badge course was Lloyd Santos. Lloyd, an energetic young lad who's dad is also a practical shooter just couldn't get enough. His dad would help him at home with certain aspects of his training, and then he'd come to the range where he would practice for hours and hone those recently learned skills. It makes me feel very good to know these youngsters have not only become excellent competitors, but are also the safest they can be because of their training.

We also have Marissa Evers who is now 17 years old and her brother Justin Evers, who is 14. They both took their Black Badge course in October 2006.

If you know of someone who would like to take advantage of this terrific opportunity, simply contact an IPSC Ontario Club Rep. If you're not sure who your Club Rep is, here's a list of IPSC Ontario Affiliated Clubs.