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Other: First USPSA Classifier Match at Peterborough, ON (map)

Start Date: 2016-12-03 Sat

Our first USPSA classifier match will be held Dec 3rd, 2016.

There will be four classifier stages and likely a medium or long course as well. Final round count TBD and will be posted here closer to the match date. It will likely be somewhere around 100 rounds, give or take.

You do not need to be a USPSA member to shoot this match, IPSC members are also welcome to compete and your scores will be included in the results. If you wish your classifier scores to count for classification however, you will need to be a current USPSA member. If you plan to join so that your classifiers will count, do so well enough ahead of time that your application is processed in time. We can look your number up if you haven't received your membership package in the mail yet.

Match fee $20.

Sign up is now closed. The match is full.